Must Pop Words is a challenging word game for kids of all ages to practice vocabulary skills. The object is to type as many words as possible using the letters that drop into the game. Do not let more than 50 letters drop into the game or it is game over!
Recommended for Grades: 3,4,5
CCSS: K.RF.3.d • 1.L.2 • 1.L.2.d • 1.L.2.e • 1.RF.3.a • 1.RF.3.b • 1.RF.3.g • 2.L.2 • 2.L.2.d • 2.RF.3.a • 2.RF.3.b • 2.RF.3.c • 2.RF.3.f • 3.L.2 • 3.L.2.e • 3.L.2.f • 3.L.2.g • 3.RF.3.d • 4.L.2 • 4.L.2.d • 5.L.2

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